Saturday, April 04, 2009


Who is your best guy friend?
- kalo nk tulis byk aci x? nk buh zack. arep. zam. bobby~

Who is your best friend thats a girl?
- wanie bo0syuk!!

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
- berenang2~

- tidur sampai mati

Have you ever gone camping?
- yup.

Have you ever been on Urban Dictionary?
- nope.

How many trees are in your yard?
- banyak.

Are you anticipating?
- what?

If you had to hang out with any teacher you ever had, which one?
- none

Do you think a lot of situations in your life are awkward?
- yes. hehe. owg melayu kate, luar bese, owg puteh kate, extraordinary. =P

If you had to be a fruit, which one would you be?
- pisang.

Something stupid that makes you laugh?
- ape ye?

Do you say 'omg' in real life?
- hahaha. i bese mengeja. 'o.m.g.' haha!

How long is your hair?
- suda mau pnjg blk. =)

Would you rather ski or swim?

You're a crayon, what color would you be?
- purple. always be~ =)

Who is the fakest person you know?
- ade lar pompuan tu~

Are you dead honest or do you keep your thoughts to yourself?
- keep my thoughts. kalo da xbole simpan. i would rather slip out to those list up there!

Do you cry when your in pain?
- YE!

So, what time is it?
- 2133 hours

What day is it?
- saturday.

What month is it?
- april~

Favorite thing about this month?
- tunggu smpai abeh bln kang bru bgtaw!

Do you wear make-up?
- yes. y?

Do you like root beer?
- tah biasa je

Do you always have to be doing something with your hands?
- yeah. typing. duhhh

I've always wanted those contacts that look like cat eyes, haven't you?
- yeah yeah me too. hahaha

Have you ever seen a glacier?
- nope.

Pet peeves?
- huh

Least favorite word?
- tataw. bad!

Favorite word?
- merepek~~

In middle school did you have pictures in your locker?
- yes! deffinitely~

Ever been called a punk?
- nuh uh

Last person you smiled at?
- nana~ =P

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