Tuesday, July 07, 2009

give me a vacation that i need

after two months going to the faculty doing my internship programme. i really need a vacation to rest my head and body. huhu.

arriving at home at 9pm on friday night after having a tired game of bowling, i started to fell down on the floor and calling my dad. and said that "baba, jom kita pergi vacation esok. nak rehat. penat. i need a vacation" *sumpah mengada. that falling on the floor thing tidak wujud. saja nak sedapkan cerita. haha!*

tiba-tiba baba cakap macam ini, "esok (sabtu) nak pergi arau jumpa nana. nak ikut?" *my eyes started to shine again.* arau? ouh man! arau lah. haha. best. best. so, the next evening (petang sabtu), pergi airport subang. urusan membeli tiket berlangsung. those pictures are in the airport subang.

huhu~ well, i'm going to have much fun on this short vacation! yeay!

next picture is on my way to KLIA. with baba of course. i know i look excited to go there. you can see how much i love to snap pictures even jalan nak ke KLIA pun nak snap juga. whatthe? haha! sorry~ face the fact. i get easily excited about something. haha!

ariving at my grandma's house. i mean my late grandma's house oke. she passed away already. hurm. oke. this room, is my cousin's room that stayed here. *with my aunt of course* and she's only 8. dia tidak tidur di sini. so this room is mine. haha! too pinky for me i think. ngee~ :D so, tidur dulu hari ini, esok (ahad) baru pergi jumpa nana.

now we are going to have some of the shopping of nana's thing along with this car. my aunt's volvo.

ouh. on our way back to arau.
here is the royal castle of arau.
*eheh. betul ke tulis macam ni?*

ouh i like this. this was found in kangar.
ada bandar seri begawan, mekah, bangkok, singapore, etc. etc. :)

ini keris. kenapa entah i snap this picture. huhu.

ouh see this? we found them dekat stadium darul aman,kedah! ada lah beberapa penyampai. kieran, ikhwan, azura and tini. they were on le tour de gerai thing. makan sekali dekat kedai itu. apa entah nama kedai itu. tak ingat. yang pasti, tak special pun kedai itu. tak sedap mana pun. *i'm good at food. sila take note of this thing :P*

and kami dapat ini!
mouse pad. glass sticker. postcards.
huhu. untung. untung.

and i ngan baba terserempak dengan they all lagi!
kali ini dekat airport alor star pula.
so this time, kami kena juga snap picture.
baru betul jumpa they all kan. huhu.

i am having so much fun now for this short vacation! =)


  1. Wakakaka, sukanya dia balik Arau. :P

  2. grunge : mesti lar suke. tp entri ini mcm x berperasaan kn?