Thursday, July 02, 2009

i really pissed of right now

this entry maybe contain some of those harsh words that you might not wanna read. thank you for visiting my blog.

current mood : SPOILED

why? do i have to write it down here? oke. fine! as you wish.

i really pissed right now. why? tired. tired of those people that kept calling me lesbian. hello. im not a lesbo. neither bi. im a straight-girl-that-waiting-for-the-right-man-to-steal-my-heart. so what's with the girlfriend thingy? that's because she is my best friend. and she's a girl. i can called her whatever i like. the fact, she's my friend. not yours!

and what if i am a bi? i didn't disturb your life at all. it's me and hers. so please. stop this nonsense. you have no rights to judge who i am. what i am. duh~ between me and wanie. we know what we want in our life. what kind of guy we like. that's nothing such a bi thingy. i really pissed of this thing. yes, i maybe close to those girls. but that doesn't mean i love them which you guys so called my-new-lesbo-partner-to-be.

there's one thing i hate about. "dart, kau perempuan ke?" what? do i looks like a guy to you? i'm a girl. i born as a girl. i grew up as a girl. i'm in love as a girl. all my accessories are girls thingy. even clothes. make ups. what on earth do am i looks like a boy to you. my attitude? so what if i am?

when a girl goes boyish. don't you know why? because she wants to looks strong from the outside. even deep down from the inside of her heart she's like a thin glass thats easily going to broke into a pieces if its get hurt. why she want to looks boyish? because she don't want anyone knows whats inside her's heart. get it now? she kept her hearts to love someone as a secret. why? because she's tired of crying and crying. yes. i'm a cry baby. i get easily cry when i'm down.

i have a good reason i am a straight girl. i had once like a guy. but, who is he? it's going to be my secret of course. *certain things we don't have to tell others* yes. i like him. he knows about this? i don't think so. why? because i don't want to. yes. that's me. i won't tell. why? i love the friendship more than anyone. haizz.

i'm not a guy. i'm a girl. please. this is really annoying. even if i don't have any boyfriend. but i used to love a guy. so please, stop asking me with those words. sometimes i cursed. saying bad words. but i try not to. i know it looks bad. please. im just a girl that started to know the world. show me the way.

please note : these 3 things about me~
I am what I am and that something that you can never be! please, never said that you know me well, but the fact is you don't. and plus, i don't tolerate to those 'can-i-get-to-know-you-more'


  1. uh...

  2. yah~
    good posting..
    nice blog..

  3. bobby: suda2. jgn puji lebeyh2.

  4. ko rambut panjang pun kena tuduh?
    aku rambut pendek lagi lah
    orang kata aku pengkid lah apa la.

    sebab aku pun kena jugak.
    yelah. rapat dgn lesbian pulak.
    kena lah lesbian sebijik.
    siap ada pompuan nakkenal.
    tak terbako pulak darah aku kan.

    ko sabar jela.
    ko tau kan diri ko cana.
    manusia memang suka judge orang.
    tak kenal habis dah cakap macam2
    ada je benda tak puas hati tuh.
    sabar jela

  5. iffah : babe. tengs. syg gile arr kt ko. (ade arr nie jap g kutuk aku). sedeyh gile dowh aku smlm. leteyh da explain. aduyai~

  6. Wakakaka. Sian Cik Dart yang hensem. Sabar kay Dart, jangan marah-marah. Baru nak kutuk, dah marah. :P

  7. grunge : stressed. sbb tu mara meh~ duh~~

  8. ala dart..sometimes people just jealous ngn kite. tak pham la org skng ni. tak suke tgk org lain happy. nyampah btul ngn org cmni!

    that's the reason y aku private!
    sgt meluat ngn org cmni. klu sklai xpe ni da byk kli aku pun bengang! :((

  9. ezzah : luckily blog xde yg spesis mcm nie. ni sume ms n fb je pown. n sum other people yg ntuh lar~ haizZ~

  10. saba2.saye pon mngalami masalah y same sblom saye knal im..hakhak.lempang j dorang2 uh.hehe

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. amoi : sblm anda knal im? wah!len mcm je bunyi nye~

  13. hi dear,
    just drop by kejap..
    ignore all those suara sumbang,
    because they think using their knee not brain..
    manusia tak penah puas..

  14. nadd : nadd dear. tengs. hukhuk~ maceh yang. really appreciate dat. hue~

  15. hey.mksud sye.sblom sye knal imran.orang pon dok ckp sye spsies uh.n now.da 'kwn ngan im'..bru dorang bukak mate..mulut orang mmg byk y busuk.kn2?hee

  16. amoi : sumpah byk muchuk! mencik btol. tape. im waiting lg. hoho.