Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Imperfectionist Cofession

Kamu lelaki terbaik.
Kamu lelaki terhebat.
Kamu yang tercinta.
Kamu yang tersayang.
Kamulah segala-galanya untukku.
Kerana kamu saya adalah saya sekarang. ;)

Hello baba. It’s 27th of Aug today. And it’s your birthday. This is the meaning that you’re 4 years old now. Oke. That’s sounds stupid. Saja je pergi buang another 4 kan. Let combined it together. You’re 44 now. ;)

Alhamdulillah. Masih panjang umur baba. Thank to Allah for everything. Because of Him, I still can hear your voice shout at my door in the morning just to wake me up; ‘akak! Subuh.’ I still can hear your voice bubbling to me about my academic; ‘awak ni, jaga pointer tu. Kerja sekarang mana nak bawah 3flat.’ And I was like; ‘alorh. Cgpa still 3 flat ape.’

Ouh baba. Baba is the only man that I known yang suka melayan perangai kami. Even umi selalu marah baba suka spent duit untuk kami dengan banyak sekali. But baba still akan spent a lot of money for us. I spoilt. Spoilt sebab suka beli itu, ini like duit itu, I boleh dapat free. Spoilt juga sebab selalu eksiden kereta, motor. sigh~~ I’m sorry baba. But being a good father as you are, you never get angry at us.

I love you baba. Sigh~~ I don’t know how to tell you how much I love you when I always make stupid mistakes and made you mad at me. Ouh. You never show your anger. You’re a very patient man. Yes. I’m not a good child that you ever had. But I’m trying to be one. You always said to me that; ‘men cannot be trusted.’ Every time you figure out who’s my boyfriend really is.

People said that it was obvious, I sangat manja dengan kamu. Kenapa? I pun tak sure. Maybe sebab I number 2 dalam siblings. And so you are. Also they said, I macam baba. Which part of it? Well, of course bahagian dagu kan. Haha! We had the same scars. Ngee~ but in different situation kita dapat parut itu. But still berjahit kan? Huhu.

They said that, mungkin saya akan ikut jejak baba which is kahwin awal. Urgh. Saya tidak mahu. Saya masih muda. Saya masih mahu enjoy. Saya masih mahu berada di rumah. Nanti tak boleh duduk rumah lagi. Kena ikut suami. Tak mahu. -.-"

Baba. Please let me know, when I’m almost there with my choice to have a future husband that as good, as patient, as loving, as caring, as smart, as perfect as you are. I trust you. I always do. Even though I selalu buat silap dalam memilih boyfriend. But I learnt from them. Thank you for telling me that he’s not the one for me. And always kept remind me of; ‘baba mahu serahkan awak kepada suami awak dalam keadaan yang sebaik-baik nya, tolong jaga diri awak sendiri.’

Thank you baba. I always love you. Because of you, I am what I am today. Thank you so much.

yes. itu saya. dengan baba. ^^.


  1. Gua nak ajak lu dtg lepak kt blog gua.Rilek rilek.


    happy besday

  2. Uncle Za'im, Happy Birthday =)
    eh kak dart dy bace ke blog nih

  3. fdaus : tenkiu.

    nesa : blog nie x sure. but blog adik die baca. huhu.

  4. papa papa..
    hepi besday papa..

    i 27 july papa 27 august..

    tp dart kasi u present
    dart xkasi i present pon..

    berat sebelah tol la dart nie.. =P
    tp dart xberat2 pon ish

  5. ihsan; =P mne de bg baba present. x kuar lg nk beli present. hikhik. :D