Wednesday, September 09, 2009

hello you

Hello dunia.

Few days back. I’m so stress out. Those hormones made me want to cry all the time. But weekend. I’m cured. I’m trying to forget all those shits that keep on buzzing inside my head. By trying to keep myself as busy as I could. So that I won’t be able to think about going back to arau for seeing wanie.

Today. Those shits came again. Which made me; Wardati binti Za’im, crying all over again. Sialan sungguh. *Pardon me for those words.* I have a note to him;

Hello you.

Could you please, stay away from my life? So that I would be able to delete the partition of me and you inside my memory without having an error. Sialan kau. Berambus lar. Tak paham ke?


  1. chaiyok2....nice month..wonderful day..hepi fasting day..hehe

  2. knp nama mamat tu drop table? :-/