Monday, November 09, 2009

tak susah pun nak guna photoshop

Hello semua! How was your day? Hee. Mine. Not so good. Sakit perut yang amat sangat membuatkan saya tidur sahaja satu petang. Huh~ PMS itu sangatlah tidak seronok untuk wanita seperti saya.

And wah! Apa saya buat ini? Menulis blog? Weih! Sok pagi paper. Haizz! Dart. Dart. Tak apa. Satu entri sahaja. Then, off to study. Promise ni! *hopefully saya stick to my promise. Heh~*

Actually, mahu share gambar ini;

original picture


See? Lawa tak saya edit. Bwahahahahaha! *Sila gelak ah sekarang.* Nak share macam mana I edit this picture. Heee. And here is the tutorial. Ouh. This works with all version of Photoshop. *Hopefully.* By the way, saya gunakan Photoshop CS3. Hee. And the turotials are;

  1. Open an image.
  2. Duplicate your layer. Layer >> Duplicate Layer.
  3. Change your new layers blending mode to Hard Light. *using the blending mode drop-down menu in the Layers Palette.*
  4. Filter menu and choose Other >> High Pass. * For this example, sy guna radius of 15 pixels, tp saya rasa, baik kamu experiment sendiri dengan photoshop kamu. ;) *
  5. *Here is a cool Photoshop trick.* With both layers visible and you are using Photoshop hit Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E. Ini untuk tambah a new layer to your image that is a direct composite of the two layers. It is basically the same thing as merging the two layers and duplicating it, but instead you still have your originally two layers intact and unmerged. *Kalau tak paham, buat sahaja step ini.*
  6. Anyways, change this composite layer to Overlay. *Using the blend mode menu in the Layers palette. *
  7. Now take that Overlay layer and apply a Sharpening Filter to it. *Be sure to sharpen the layer much more then you would for a touch up.*
  8. Layer >> New Adjustment Layer >> Hue/Saturation. * To give it a more weathered look it's a good idea to take some of the saturation out and add a warm tint to the image.*
  9. Click the colorize check box which applies a color to the image. Use the Hue slider to choose a warm color and keep the Saturation and Lightness sliders at a pretty neutral level, but feel free to expirement with those slider in your Photoshop image.
  10. Next, bring the opacity of this level down to let some color from underneath show through. I used an opacity of 50%.
  11. Create a new layer and fill it with 50% Grey by choosing Edit >> Fill on your new layer and selecting 50% Grey from the color menu in the Fill dialogue box.
  12. Change this layer to use the Hard Light blending mode just like you do at the beginning of the process by selecting Hard Light from the blending mode options in the Layers palette.
  13. Give this layer some noise, using your judgement, and be sure check on monochromatic.

And walla! Dah siap pun gambar kamu. Heee~ good luck! :)


  1. usehe lagi ye..

    sile join kami di untuk lebih mendalami multimedia seperti fotoshop illustrator dan flash.


  2. eleyh. ckp berlagak. ini permulaan. cincai2 je buat nie.