Saturday, December 26, 2009

alvin and the chipmunks 2

Saya dah tengok cerita ini. Best. Best. Siapa belum tengok, boleh pergi tengok. It's about how to choose your friends. And don't put your family behind your friend. It's a good story. Especially untuk teenagers nowadays yang suka letak friends as their first priority. Hey, family first lah~ You guys can see how hard it became to the family bond when Alvin put his new friends as his first priority. And there's a new chipmunks band yang bagi nama chippetes *macam salah je ejaan nya.* and they all dah macam competitors untuk the chipmunks. Well, competition's over bila they all get together. ;]


susah babe nak bagi full star untuk cerita macam ini.
I'm waiting for BANDSLAM hujung tahun ini. well, saya dah tengok cerita bandslam dalam flight masa holiday hari itu, but I can't wait to see it for the second time bebeh! ;]


  1. hi, new chapter's out!

    drop by~!

  2. hye max, i've read it. nice writing. ;] keep it up!