Thursday, December 17, 2009

escape to the wild #1

First stop for this vacation is Capetown. Tak mahu banyak cakap. Let the pictures explain everything. =)

arriving at capetown : 9.30am local time (3.30pm - KL time)

journey for the first day; waterfront, two oceans aquarium and nandos *to eat of course*

a view of capetown from the flight.

a view of table mountain with the table cloth from our room ;]

banyak gila buskers dekat sana.
and here is one of them.
guna tong main lagu. interesting. =)

mourn sculpture i think.
smart. besar pula tu.

elegant eels at two oceans aquarium.
kenapa saya snap picture ini? sebab dia menarik. kenapa?
sebab; dia boleh tukar color and sex bila dia grow.
As youngsters, they are black but become bright blue males as they matures.
At certain length, the males turn yellow and fully functional as females, which lay eggs.
*kalau manusia macam ini, gila ramai orang perempuan!*

sea horse at two oceans aquarium

can you spot the fish? heee.

penguin. *at two oceans aquarium*

me and my boys.
location; waterfront.

makan weih!
dah malam confirm lapar.
Peri-peri sauce dia pedas gila.
lebih pedas dari Nandos sini. haaa~

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