Thursday, March 24, 2011

Call him by yourself

Hello World!

Today's topic; "boyfriend". I used to have a boyfriend. Our relationship lasts for about one year++. Then I started to feel like there's no ending in our relationship which leads me to break up with him. Ouh. The main reason why do I made such a decision is, I feels like I had wasted half of my life for a relationship that wouldn’t guaranteed me anything.

So, while having some time busy with my own selves, and working as well, there was this guy. Let’s just called him, A. He used to be my classmate at school. I’m barely knew him. He was like someone that came from the outer space or something. Like coming from out of nowhere claiming that he liked me.

Few weeks back, he asked me to be his girlfriend which I refused to. And I was like; “If you do like me, ask from my dad.” And now he’s asking me, when he can meet up my dad, he wants to ask for a marriage with me. Huh? Erm. “Ah. Okay. So here is Baba’s phone number, called him. You can ask him yourself. “

What else there to be said?
Just wait and see.


  1. now u spoke Britain. What the epic~
    Cool Story Bro~
    "Single is Simple, Couple is Trouble" - Anonymous

  2. i dont practise in a relationship.i mean,not anymore.

  3. makcik, sape mamat yg bru sdar ko wujud tu?? hahaha...cpt gtau aku..,huhu~

  4. "Just be friend can long last forever." - Mohd Hafiz Zamri

  5. dna; aaaaaaa. nanti aku PM kt fb bole? hehe.

  6. ady~gler kentang mamat ni..hehehe..cube cek,ade wayar trcabut x kt dlm pale dier tu.. :p