Friday, April 15, 2011

He's back on track!

Remember my Mr Dunhill that broke down and made me feels like an emptiness? Ah. Life's with Si Merah would never be the same as with Mr Dunhill. It's been three years with him. How could I ever replaced the love I have for him and change it for Si Merah?

For the past 5 months ever since that his heart, I mean the motherboard to be exact that putting him into the closet. Now I'm broke. It's all for him to survive from the illness. RM230. Ah. And if it's not because of Mr A that would pay half of it, I might be broke to death. Okay, I lied. It's not that I would be dying for not having any money right? What else shall I say? I love you more Mr Dunhill. I always do. And yeah, I love your girlfriend too.

Anyway love;
Welcome home, Dear Dunhill.


  1. ~ady~for the love one,we will to sacrifice anything :p

  2. oh...Mr Dunhill suda pulang...
    kesian si Merah di tglkan lpas ni...

  3. arief; no! she's still in my heart jugak. <3