Thursday, November 24, 2011

Little Things: Bertunang

Saya mungkin tiada rahsia dengan adik kandung sebab every password saya dia tahu. Tak kira apa pun, facebook ke, twitter ke, etc. Adik kandung suka stalk orang. That's why she love using my account to stalk on people.

One night, she called me. I was about to fall asleep that time. She asked; "Buat apa?" I replied; "Nak tidur dah la. Kenapa?" She asked again; "Tak online facebook ke?" I replied; "Tak lah. Kan nak tidur dah." She said; "Pergi lah online facebook cepat. Ada something." Then I asked; "Ada apa?" She said; "Tengok je lah. Nanti ko marah aku. Kbai."


And here it goes.

How was that from my sister? Written by her all the way from Jordan. Funny huh. The best part is when everybody saying congrats and things in the comments. Haha. And how they did not realize that November doesn't has 31st. 

Funny huh how people loves to believe in things they saw without looking deep enough of the facts whether it is the truth or not.