Sunday, April 14, 2013

Little Stories: Heart broken


As I grew older many things that came up to my mind. How life has so much more the unexpected things than what we expected. There's so much things happen lately.

I've been trying to wrote about this topic for a long time. Seriously. Not that I felt heartbroken though. It's just a topic. Let me start with a girl. Basically things like this is such a big problem to a girl. Let me do that again, BIG problem. As we all knew that boys doesn't care too much about heart. Ouh well, at least they don't cry for the rest of the week after their heart being broke. At least they're trying to find distraction. But girls, no matter how much distraction they would find, once they've done with it, it's always about the boy they would think of.

Come to think about this, every girl (I'm pretty sure about this) in this world, if she loves a boy, she would find so many excuses blaming herself if a boy dump her or cheated on her or starting to ignore her, etc. Ouh well, girls. If the heart isn't tired, she wouldn't stop trying. Believe me. I knew.

Forget about the girl. Let's talk about people around her. On second thought, if the girl is heartbroken, at this moment, people around her would say anything just to cheer her up, just to make her laugh, just to distract her. But, careful with your words, dude! By saying things like "Chill babe, you'd always used to be heartbroken, he's nothing compares to what you've been through". Please dude. It won't help. I think that is so rude you know. No matter how many boys she's been through the feeling doesn't always been the same. Or maybe she's barely forgot how does it feels to be heartbroken or ever thought of how she felt heartbroken.

Let's start from scratch. A girl named Alice, falls in love with Jacob, they've been together, suddenly Jacob dumped her. Alice is heart broken. After she's been through with broken hearted, she found Alex. Alex made her in love again. He made her forget how she used to feel when she's with Jacob back then. One fine day, Alex cheated her with other girl. Again, her heart has been broken. So she calls her friend, telling them how upset she feels. How broken she'd be. End up her friends told her, "You've been heart broken before, why are you so sad?"

Get what I meant? How does she feels when she doesn't has a strength to build up her soul and you said things to her? What if this happens to you? Will you laugh? Alice, the girl who had totally forget how does it feels when she's with Jacob, turns up to be heart broken by Alex and yet, her friends that suppose to support her said those craps to her? What happen to this world? Like seriously? Why do we had to be so cruel to each other?

This girl, she falls into pieces. All she could see is her heart is falling onto the ground break into pieces when things happen. When she turns to her friends to help her gaining back her strength to pick up all the pieces, all she could see that they crush her heart with their feet.

Please. I bet you wouldn't want to feels the same if the situation goes back to you.

Help her.

To those who feels like Alice;
This is for you.

In hoping you always have a strength to pick up the pieces.


  1. salam.
    dear dart.

    since u already know what i probably would say, lets just skip it.hahaha....:P
    some people, boys specially, they took the easy way, not to think about it. keep their life busy with anything. or get a new girl.

    to be cheated, by the person you love, i'd never forget those feelings. and there are friends i knew, girl precisely. they would just choose to be single.

    zaman sekarang ni, susah nak jumpe yang jujur. so, hati2 la ye cik dartiey.

    well, i was wishing for some sort of great story from you, but it turned out the other way...:P

    i'm running out of comforting words for you my dear, but i do wanna makes u feel better.
    i cannot simply tell you to forget him, because i still cant forget my first love either. and up until now, i still love her.
    nak tau...? die da mengandung...first baby. i'm happy for her... that was my first love, nadia.
    my first gf, i still wish that we didnt break up. but we're still keeping in touch, as friends...yes, i still love her...even lepas die kantoi ade laki lain...

    be strong, ok...remember, big girls dont cry... :)

  2. :(

    Jangan sedih2 .. hidup mesti diteruskan :)

  3. Arief; dear arief, thanks for the support. u've always being nice to me. always do. just don't worry about me. 'm fine. really. ;)

    anon & odin; tenkiu.